5 Ways to Prepare for the Big Spring Clean

Crocuses and snowdrops are making their way out of the ground bringing with them a very faint scent of spring in the air.

If, like us, spring makes you feel like it’s time to get your scrubbing gloves on, then now is a great time to get prepared for your spring clean. The chances are, we still have a few more storms to go before we can actually get down to business of actually cleaning, but we can still get ready to make the jobs go a little more smoothly when we do.

Pencil it in

Spring cleaning is one of those jobs that keeps evolving into a whole host of other jobs. Once you start cleaning you will notice something else that needs doing, and then something else, and something else, so it’s best to prepare for it by setting aside some time to get it done properly. Pencil in a weekend (or two) in a few weeks’ time so that you know you can achieve everything you want to.

Make a list

The best way to tackle a spring clean is room by room, so grab a pad of paper and start writing down everything that needs to be done in each room. This way you will be prepared in terms of how long it’s going to take you and you will know that you won’t forget anything as you work your way around the house.

Prepare some entertainment

Nothing makes cleaning go faster than a great playlist to listen to. Get your favourite songs organised so that you have a few hours’ worth of amazing tracks to keep you company as you work.

Start the decluttering process

You don’t have to start cleaning now, but you can at least make the job a little easier on yourself by beginning to remove some of the clutter that has accumulated during the winter. Work your way around each room finding items to sell, donate or upcycle so that you have a relatively clear canvas to work with once you’re ready to get going.

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