Skidmores Reupholstery Service

Not long ago, the vast majority of us would simply dispose of old furniture and buy new sofas, armchairs and other furnishings. However, in recent years attitudes have really begun to change. We have become much more aware of our environment, the importance of being eco-friendly and reducing waste, both domestically and commercially. Recycling and upcycling have become ever growing trends, especially in the furniture industry.  

Reupholstery, quite simply put, is the process of taking the upholstery, whether fabrics or leathers, off your existing furniture and replacing it with a new upholstery - of your choice. 

Although it may sound simple, the process is actually somewhat of an art form. It takes lots of experience, skill and expertise to perform a high-quality reupholstery on a high-quality piece of furniture. At Skidmores, we provide just that! Our highly skilled team is able to reupholster your favourite furniture back to perfection and give it a new lease of life with a new fabric, or leather, chosen by you. We can reupholster any shape, style and brand of furniture, with complete accuracy, for your complete satisfaction.  

So, if you're tired of your old sofa or chair, modernise and give it a fresh facelift, you won't believe the difference it will make (and the money you'll save from buying brand new).  

Our team provides:

  • Reupholstery lead time 2-4 weeks 
  • Over 1000 fabrics to choose from
  • Complimentary redesign service
  • Saggy cushion fix
  • Pick up and delivery 
  • In-home/office consultations

For a free consultation call us today on 01934 513740