How to Style a Dining Table

When you think of your dining table, what do you see? Do you envisage piles of paperwork and unopened bills or a beautifully styled space where the whole family can enjoy each other’s company? While this large surface space can often be overlooked when it comes to interior design, it shouldn’t be as it is the perfect place to showcase your styling efforts!

Whether you have a dedicated dining room or an area for a table in the lounge or kitchen, a well-finished dining table can totally transform a space from a jumbled mess into an inviting space to share meals together. So, where do you begin?

Firstly, find a place for all of the clutter that accumulates on the table. Invest in a filing system to keep paperwork neat and tidy and encourage everyone to hang bags on coat pegs by the door. This should help to keep your dining table clutter free and purely dedicated to dining experiences. 

Next, it’s all about the look you are hoping to achieve. Does your dining table have a contemporary, rustic, farmhouse or retro finish? This will help you to find items that perfectly match your style. Contemporary tables will look great with glass and metal pieces, while retro furniture can carry off bright colours and bold patterns. Rustic and farmhouse tables look great with shabby chic vases and collections of ceramics.

Now think about the space you’re working with. If the table is very small, then styling upwards with tall vases and long flowers is a good way to create impact while giving the illusion of more space on the table. Long tables work well with fabric runners and a collection of different sized candles in the middle, while oval tables are perfect for large floral displays.

If you have beautiful dining sets that are usually stowed away in the cupboard, then why not use them as part of your dining table display? Stack bowls and plates in the centre of the table along with similar coloured napkins for an undone but fashionable finish.

It’s super important for dining tables to be well lit, so take into consideration the lighting options when styling your table. If you have a low hanging pendant light then its best to pair this with wide, flat dishes to avoid any clashing, but if you have a relatively high chandelier then your table can carry off taller, more extravagant displays. And don’t be afraid to use lots of candles!

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