How to take Care of New Carpets

New carpets can instantly transform a space, taking it from tired and outdated to fresh and modern in an instant. Whether you’re making over the whole house or you’re just focusing on one room, having a new carpet installed is one of the best ways to finish a space and make it feel like your own. But how can you ensure that your new carpet stays looking new and clean for as long as possible?


This might sound obvious, but regularly hoovering your new carpet is the first step in keeping it clean and fresh looking. Though the amount of fibre that the hoover initially picks up might be alarming, it is really only a very small proportion of the carpet and will not affect the performance of it in any way. Make sure that you hoover your new carpet several times a week to minimise the collection of dust and keep it fresh and clean.


Another step in maintaining your new carpet is to give it a wash from time to time. Carpets in high traffic areas, such as hallways and landings are much more susceptible to gathering dirt, dust and pet hair, so ensure that these areas are cleaned once or twice a year with a carpet shampoo or steam cleaner to remove odours and dirt. This is very important if you have anyone in the house who suffers with allergies as this will prevent allergens from building up in the carpet and exacerbating symptoms. It is also worth spending the money on professional carpet cleaner every now and then as industrial equipment will be able to remove far more dirt and dust than regular cleaners.


It’s a home owner’s worst nightmare – red wine spilling all over the brand-new carpet! The best way to deal with stains is to attend to them immediately. Never rub the stain to try and remove it, blot with a clean sponge or cloth to remove residue and then use a cleaner that is appropriate for the stain. For grease stains, sprinkle baking soda over the affected area and leave to absorb the residue before hoovering up. Liquid stains can be removed with a specialist carpet shampoo, while solid stains such as wax can be removed by placing a paper towel over the stain and running a warm iron over the back of it.

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