Top Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep on Christmas Eve

The tree is up, the lights are twinkling and the anticipation of a visit from Santa is in the air! As Christmas Day fast approaches, it is no wonder that many parents struggle to get their children to go to sleep at their usual bedtimes. This can be even more difficult on Christmas Eve when the excitement can send some children into overdrive! But luckily enough there are some tips to help you get your little munchkins to sleep so that you can put the presents under the tree!

Avoid sugar 

There is some evidence to suggest that sugar doesn’t actually make children hyper – but we think that most parents will disagree with this! Though it can be tempting to let them overindulge during the holiday season, it will only mean difficulties later on in the evening, so try to limit the number of sweets and sugary treats they have during the day.

Stick to the routine 

Staying up late is one of those extra special treats that come with the holidays season, but this will only turn into a nightmare before Christmas if you’re not careful! Try to stick to the usual bedtime routine as much as you can, especially on Christmas Eve. This will help to keep their circadian rhythms in check.

Let them run it off 

Although the weather might be horrendous outside, it’s super important to let children get as much exercise as possible during the day so that they can sleep at night. Bundle up in warm, waterproof clothes and head to the park to get some fresh air before heading to bed!

Make bedtime fun 

If your children are excited about going to bed it will make the process a lot easier! If you find it tricky to get them to go to sleep at the best of times, perhaps it’s time to upgrade their bed to get them excited about the bedtime process.

Get Santa involved 

If all else fails and your children are still young enough, let them know that Santa only visits children who are sleeping! Even the most excited children won’t be able to argue with that one!

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